Open Source Managed File Transfer


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Project Description

Memba Velodoc XP Edition is the open source core of the Velodoc platform for publishing, sharing, sending and transferring large files. It is a web application constituted of ASP.NET Ajax server controls, modules and handlers for uploading and downloading large files.

More specifically, Memba Velodoc XP Edition is constituted of:
  1. An ASP.NET Http module to stream the upload of large files (compatible with IIS7 integrated pipeline mode);
  2. An ASP.NET Http handler to provide resumable downloads of large files;
  3. ASP.NET server controls to develop user interfaces with file upload functionalities, including a multi-upload control, a listview control and a progress bar control;
  4. A managed file transfer web application which is an FTP replacement for exchanging large files with email contacts and which also serves as a sample implementation of the components listed above;
  5. Web services for integration with Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In;
  6. An SMTP transport event sink to forward delivery status notifications (DSN's);
  7. A windows service to periodically purge old files;
  8. A test project;
  9. A deployment project;
  10. A setup project;
  11. Documentation.


More information

You can try Velodoc at You can get Velodoc at
For more information go to and


To install this project, you need:
1. Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008,
2. Internet Information Server 5.1+,
3. .NET framework 3.0,
4. ASP.NET Ajax Extensions 1.0.
To run this project, you need access to an SMTP server which is used to send email notifications.
To modify this project, you need Visual Studio 2005 and Web Deployment Projects.
Our development and test platforms always have the latest service packs and windows updates applied.


Some items included in this project are not covered by the GPL License:
- Icons are made by Incors and the license terms can be found at
- WatiN is used for UI automated tests and can be found at


- Datasheet (english)
- Datasheet (french)
- GPL License
- Memba EULA
- More documentation available on the release tab

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